Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Production Rehearsals Are Underway!

The Senior School teachers have been blown away with our wonderful students this term!

When they are not getting organised for debates or solving mathematical problems, there are students everywhere!

They are tucked in corners writing scripts, dancing around Room 21 organising choreography and costumes, out in the grounds creating art works for the foyer, putting together creations for Artsplash Art and Artsplash Dance, putting together music tracks and sound effects, learning about the technical requirements of a production, and lots, lots more!

Every student is taking a hugely active role and it is inspiring to see the whole team stepping up to make this term a success!

Here are some shots of just one small snippet of the production preparation...

Calendar Art for Room 22

Room 22 created art pieces based on the work of Wellington artist, Richard Ponder. The main ideas we were expressing were light, colour and texture. Exploration of plants and tussock outdoors helped improve the artistic eye to catch the texture, light and colour within the objects. Practising to capture these elements involved playing with coloured pencil sketches and led towards using paint and pastels. The results turned out well and some pictures really showed what we practised.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Debating Kick Off!!

Today our preparation for the debate finals and competition kicks off!  
Here is the homework booklet your child will receive in class.  They will go through it and the expectations with their teacher today.  
Class debates will begin in Week 7 (5th - 9th September) with the cross class competitions in Week 8 (12th - 16th December) and the syndicate final (from which we will select the winner of our Year 8 speaker cup) on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th September in the school hall.  
You are most welcome to come along and see our teams in action!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Myfriends.com Performance Visits!

Today the Year 5-8 students were entertained by 'Perform' Educational Musicals.  The performance was named 'Myfriends.com' and covered the following...


• What is cyber bullying?
• Cyber bullying is a criminal offence in NZ.
• What to do if you’re cyber bullied.
• Bystanders – their choices and the implications of their choices.
• Keeping personal details to yourself.
• The risks of ‘friending’ strangers online.
• The risks of assuming a fake identity online.
• Cyber bullies can’t hide – how cyber activity can be traced.
• Cyber bullying is never your ‘fault’.
• Self esteem
• Communication
• Peer pressure
• Kindness
• Supportive friendships

Here are some shots of the action!